Evolution Krav Maga was founded with an ambitious goal: to study and disseminate the hardest and most realistic krav maga in a broad context and scientific training.
Training for acquisition, for our student, a good physical form through the practice of "Functional Training", as well as psychological knowledge needed to cope with the awareness of pre and post-conflict situations.
Our team is therefore composed of qualified instructors during the training have acquired the necessary technical training in krav maga, functional and in training in the psychology of comparison, in order to transmit with the same method and effectiveness of their preparation for the practitioners. Motivated instructor, driven by a sincere and deep passion, who set the example to the students actively participating in the training, sweating with them and thus earning their true respect.
The staff upgrading, assists and supports our instructors is also formed by a doctor in Kinesiology and Functional Training Instructor and a Doctor of Psychology specializing in the psychology of the comparison.
Why Evolution Krav Maga
The founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, pointed out in a part of the symbol of this martial art (the circle), one of its essential characteristics and fundamental: the continuous, constant renewal. The circle is in fact a symbol of a wheel, making his natural movement, away what you do not need, do not work, and acquires the contrary, what is effective.
This should not mean, mind you, customize the program's fundamental krav maga martial depending on the previous experience of the technician who has the responsibility of a school karate is karate, ju jitsu remains ju jitsu and jeet kune do jeet kune do ...
Means, and it is with Evolution Krav Maga we wanted to strengthen even further this concept, to study without any bias, with the real and intense practice, with ever renewed interest and humility, and in particular all the most modern martial arts, with the clear , though not simple goal, to enrich the original technical program with those techniques, standing and on the ground, which in the primitive spirit of krav maga make really possible and effective defense.
The technical program of Evolution Krav Maga is therefore in constant study and development and is the most functional integration between the basic techniques of Krav Maga techniques and principles taught by ITAY GIL.

First in Italy, thanks to Enzo LUPO, we have in fact started in 2009 to organize seminars and training ourselves continuously with ITAY GIL, making our most programs Protect Krav Maga

This phrase is, for our whole team, much more than just a slogan: it is the deep and intimate conviction that it is the fundamental way to go, always, to be prepared, updated, responsible and competent technicians and trainers!